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George is a designer, artist and creative specialising in hyper-stylisation, colour theory and the art of the ridiculous. the core value that drives George is a desire to use art and design as a mode of enjoyment. His practice isn't based around the 'fascism of usefulness' rather how his work can create a reaction. how can it highlight and make fun of the mundaneness of modern life.

Now based in London, George graduated 3D product and furniture at Northumbria University with a first class honours degree. it was during his time here that his skill and passion for creating heavily researched and meticulously planned projects was born, and where he started to blur the lines between art, design, culture, styles and approach. 

His post-modern emotional style is instantly recognisable, and there is a strong attitude and narrative on all the pieces he brings to fruition. 



get in touch if you want to collaborate, commission, offer me a job, give me food, challenge me to a dance off, or just have a chat!

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